Therapy Learning Center for Special Needs Children
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  1. General Policies
    These are the general rules that govern the life in the center: attendance, dress code, cell phone policy, and more.
  2. Bill of Rights
    Students, as well as staff members and teachers, all have duties and rights within the boundaries of the Therapy Learning Center. Bright Steps Forward Bill of Rights describes what's allowed and what's prohibited.
  3. Ethics in Education Act
    As a participating Therapy Learning Center in the State of Florida, Bright Steps Forward fully comply with all statues governing private schools, specifically Florida Bill 1712 of July 1, 2008 entitled the Ethics in Education Act.
  4. Tuition
    Bright Steps Forward applies different fees according to the student's grade. Parents / Guardians may be entitled to scholarship (currently accepted: Mc Kay and Gardiner/Step Up scholarships).