Therapy Learning Center for Special Needs Children
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About the Center

  1. Introduction
    Bright Steps Forward is a fully accredited Therapy Learning Center for children with special needs that serves children from kindergarten through twelfth grade in South-Florida. Our student population is diverse; some are on the autism spectrum, some have only physical impairments and others have cognitive limitations.
  2. Locations
    Bright Steps Forward is located in South Florida. We serve children with special needs from Broward and Dade counties. You can find our centers in Pembroke Pines, Weston, Coral Springs, and Coral Gables.
  3. A Day at the Center
    Ever wanted to know what your kids are doing when they are at the center? This page tells you everything. It provides also information about extended care.
  4. Calendar
    Never miss an event at the Therapy Learning Center. We gathered here the key dates of the center's life.